Jojoba Seeds

Jojoba Oil production started in the Argentinean market back in the '80s, with close to 300 acres. Today, this figure has grown to more than 8,000 acres, of which over 500 belong to Tinocam. Globally, besides Argentina, the north of Mexico, the southwest of USA and Israel produce Jojoba Oil. This growth and diversity of production sites assures convenient pricing and supply stability. With distribution agreements with the rest of America, Europe and Asia, our products are delivered through door to door service. A continuous growth in global market-share certifies customer satisfaction, our commitment to supply the best product and global recognition for our oils.

Organic Jojoba Seeds

 A part of all this plantation is dedicated to organic production, that portion of the field is Bañado de los Pantanos with 71 ha of production. Bañados has been organic for about 5 years.The other production is inorganic, Tinocam in its entirety has a drip irrigation system. In 2019 the automation was implemented to control this irrigation system.